Below are frequently asked questions.

What exactly is a string quartet versus a string trio?

A string quartet is made up of 4 musicians total- 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello player.  A string trio is 1 violin, 1 viola and 1 cello.  For those on a tight budget, we recommend a string trio (3 players), but if you can afford it, we always recommend a string quartet.

I want music for my wedding!  How do I book you to play at my wedding?

Booking us is easy. Contact us, and let us know your event details. A signed contract and non-refundable deposit is required.

What is the minimum time I should book you for my wedding?

If you need us for the ceremony only, then 1 hour.  We will perform music 15 minutes before your wedding ceremony as your guests arrive and are waiting for the wedding to begin.  We will play through the end of your ceremony.

Most clients book us for 1 additional hour for cocktail hour.

I want to propose to my girlfriend. Can you play for our proposal?

Yes! Out of 9 proposals we've played at, 9 have said YES. 🙂 100%  Success rate.

Do you play at other events, not just weddings?

Yes, we often play at parties (birthday, anniversary, holiday), business events, fundraisers, dinner music, memorials, funerals, at churches to accompany choir or bands, with singers, art show openings, background music, baptism, bar mitzvahs and more! It's limitless.

Do you have a PA system (microphones/speakers)? My event will be outside and there will be a lot of people!

Yes! We have a small sound system we can set up/ and bring for an additional fee.  We always recommend a sound system.  Playing acoustic in a concert hall is ideal, but with people having fun chatting away at a party or playing outside next to the ocean etc; can easily cover up the strings, unless people are up close. We recommend it with 20 or more people.

I have my favorite song, but I didn't see it on your music list.  Can you play it?

First we will find the song online, if its available to buy.  If it is, we will just pass on the cost to you.  However if its not available, we can get it custom arranged from our in-hose composer.

My event is far. I'm thinking Santa Barbara or Laguna Beach. Can you play?

Yes we can and we are available. The Client will be responsible for extra fees for travel/time, meals and possible lodging if its extra far.  We can travel up the northern coast and Palm Springs as well.

I'm thinking of having a singer, guitar or piano accompany strings. Can you do that?

Yes, we have played with flute, harp, piano and singers! We would need the sheet music, and a little extra to learn and rehearse the piece before the event if you provide a singer. We can get you any instrumentation or singer to play with us.

Should I tip?

Tips are appreciated!

What do wear to events?

All black, suits/tie for men, and all black slacks/dress/nice top for women.

How many songs can I pick for 1 hour? How about 2?

14 songs per each hour!

Do I pay for travel expenses?

Yes, on top of the fee per musician to perform, we charge gas, travel, snacks, and coffee per each musician. 

Do you have event insurance? My hotel requires insurance.

Yes, we carry event insurance with a 1 million dollar limit. We can provide a certificate for an extra fee.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, check and online payment via Bank of America, PayPal and Venmo (@cloverquartet).

What is the number 1 favorite song song brides request?

PACHABEl'S CANON IN D 🙂 is requested by pretty much 100 percent of clients. We've played it for 99 percent of our 800 events, and we still LOVE it.

What was your most memorable event (s)?

This is hard! Every event is memorable. We've played everywhere from on the beach, to the downtown central library. We played on piers in Santa Barbara, backyards, on the 52nd floor of a skyscraper, the Queen Mary, Disney Concert Hall and numerous golf courses  to name a few. Every place holds a place in our heart.

Playing for the Google Holiday party (James Bond theme) next to the Challenger Space Shuttle was epic. We played at LAX (yes, at the airport). We've also run into a few celebrities at weddings, and (yes some of us were star struck). We played behind a screen for a big Hollywood director in which we played the theme for a few movies he directed...

Playing for 4 grammy winners was also memorable and on TV shows as the Clover String Quartet.