Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is a string quartet?

A string quartet is made up of 4 musicians total- 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello player.  The Clover Quartet utilizes a team of classically trained musicians.  95% of clients hire the Clover Quartet Musicians.  Most of our rock arrangements are custom made for string quartet.  For those on a tight budget, we recommend a string trio (3 players), but if you can afford it, we always recommend a string quartet.

Do you play at other events, not just weddings?

Yes, we play at parties (birthday, anniversary, holiday), business events, fundraisers, dinner music, memorials, funerals, at churches to accompany choir or bands, with singers, art show openings, background music, baptism, bar mitzvahs and more!

Do you have a PA system (microphones/speakers)? My event will be outside and there will be a lot of people!

Yes! We have a small sound system we can set up/ and bring for an additional fee.  We always recommend a sound system.  Playing acoustic in a concert hall is ideal, but with people having fun chatting away at a party or playing outside next to the ocean etc; can easily cover up the strings, unless people are up close. We recommend it with 20 or more people.

I have my favorite song, but I didn't see it on your music list.  Can you play it?

First we will find the song online, if its available to buy.  If it is, we will just pass on the cost to you (usually around $10-$30).  However if its not available, we can get it custom arranged for string quartet for $75 dollars per song.

My event is far, away from LA. Can you play?

Yes we can and we are available. The Client will be responsible for extra fees for travel/time, meals and possible lodging if its extra far.

I'm thinking of having a singer, guitar or piano accompany strings. Can you do that?

Yes, we have played with flute, harp, piano and singers! We would need the sheet music, and a little extra to learn and rehearse the piece before the event if you provide a singer. We can get you any instrumentation or singer to play with us.

Should I tip?

Tips are not required but greatly appreciated!

Do you carry event insurance? My hotel/venue is requiring it.

We can offer a hotel certificate if the hotel needs it for an additional $25 dollars for a certified insurance certificate.